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Cooking Club spring 2nd: Who will visit Percy's Park? We have made Percy animal cakes tonight in cooking club. Delicious.

Mrs Cambridge and her team of clever cooks have been making lots of yummy things in Cooking Club!

We made Spaghetti Carbonarra in cooking club tonight. It was yummy! We took some home for tea.

Tonight we made dinosaur fossil biscuits!

Our little chefs have been busy again peeling, chopping, spreading and cooking our very healthy Pitta Vegetarian Pizzas. Delicious!

Tonight we made delicious strawberry and blackcurrant jam tarts. Then we learned the nursery rhyme 'The Queen of Hearts'.

Tonight we made cheesy puff pastry 'Fireman's Ladder', 'Fireman's pole' and 'Fireman's hose'. We had to do lots of rolling, cutting, pressing and pinching to make the shape and assemble it together. It tasted yummy!

Welcome to cooking club 2015-2016



Tonight we made Spaghetti Carbonara. We weighed, sieved, boiled, fried, melted, stirred and mixed all our ingredients. It was delicious.

Frozen cupcakes and Olaf

Having fun in cooking club!

Chocolate Fruit kebabs

We made delicious jam tarts today.

What we did.