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In Reception we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which sets out the standards that all Early Years providers must provide. 

In the EYFS learning is split into 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas. The areas of learning we cover are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development

Understanding of the World
Expressive Arts and Design

LETTERS AND SOUNDS (PHONICS): We also teach a daily discreet phonics session following the Letters and Sounds programme, moving through each phonic phase over the course of the year. In the early stages of the programme we use Jolly Phonics as a vehicle, which includes songs, actions and rhymes for each phoneme and grapheme to be taught. We then move onto securing the skills, aiming for greater depth and understanding, securing this in reading and writing activities. 

Reception curriculum overview: 2018-2019

Phonics trajectory (to secure phase 3 before moving to phase 4 and embedding):

Statutory Framework for the EYFS 2017

Curriculum overview: Reception long term planning 2017-2018

Medium Term Planning 2016-2017

Long Term Planning Overview 2015-2016

Medium Term Plans 2014-2015

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).