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Forest School

What is Forest School?


Our forest school has been established to provide a curriculum that allows the children and staff to appreciate the outdoor environment in which our forest school is set. 

Within the forest school sessions children will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the natural surroundings, develop confidence, self-esteem, social skills and team work which forest schools are said to enhance through their activities and ethos that they provide.

The ethos of a forest school is to provide a stimulating and inspiring environment in order for its learners to develop and grow in confidence by setting small achievable tasks in an outdoor woodland environment.  These activities and sessions will be planned and led by the Forest School Leader who will take into consideration her learners need and individual learning styles and schemas.

 Our forest school aims to provide a nurturing approach, supporting and developing the confidence and self-esteem of our learners with the hope they can use this to raise their academic achievements.

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