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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 


This is where, during these unprecedented times, we will aim to set regular activities for you to complete at home with your children.

We will also provide regular updated news and links to support your child's learning at home. We also encourage you to check your child's class page for some more generic fun activities that will keep a smile on all of our faces.





We will post here any useful resources that get updated daily.

What you can expect from us


Every week, on a Friday, your children's class teachers will be uploading a new weekly 'Home Learning Grid'.  These Will be under the 'Children' then 'Home Learning' tabs. If you go to your child's Year Group Area, you will find their grid.


These look very similar to the normal Homework Grids that you are so used to seeing. On the 'Home Learning Grid', there are 4 mandatory weekly tasks, one each for the following subject areas:-


  • Phonics
  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Reading

(By mandatory, we would suggest that these are done before the 'fun' learning tasks)


There will also be 4 more fun, interactive tasks that you can enjoy with your children. This work won't be marked by school staff so please enjoy just learning and doing what you can with your children.


We will also upload some additional worksheets on your child's Year Group Area, that you can download and print (if you have a printer), if not, we are working on a solution whereby you may be able to screenshot these worksheets on your phone/tablet and work on them in the Gallery section.


Here are also links to lists of many other resources that you can access with your children.



How you can help your children


We appreciate that having your children at home and asking them to learn independently may be a challenging task, which is why we are here to help. Please ensure you check the following regularly: - 


  • Access the many useful home learning websites provided in the links above




  • The school's website under the 'Children' tab and the 'Home Learning'  and then the Year Group area - as shown below - for weekly 'Home Learning Grids' and other educational content.








  • If you have contacted the school for your child's Education City Log In, here are the steps you need to log in and access work for every school curriculum area. In the web address bar please type

























  • Register for Teach Your Monster To Read with your own email address and continue the reading adventure. 

















  • Register for Oxford Owl for Home using your own email address so that you can access over 100 free e-Books.