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At Shadsworth Infant School we believe that 'Talk for Writing' is the best approach for our children. The aim of Talk for Writing is to develop imaginative, creative and effective writers. We follow 3 steps through the Talk for Writing process which are as follows:



A text is introduced and read to the children; together the class learn to tell the story. To help the children remember the text a multi-sensory approach is used which includes: a visual story map, actions and a focus on lively, animated expression.  As children learn the stories word for word, they develop the use of specific sentence structures, which they can then use in their own writing. The principle is that if a child can tell a story, they will be able to write a story.


Innovate: Once our pupils are familiar with the model text, the teacher then leads them into creating their own versions. This is based on changing the basic story map, retelling the new version and completing boxed-up planners. Shared and guided writing is used to stage writing opportunities are used so the children can concentrate on bringing all the elements together, writing effectively and accurately.


Invent: The final stage is the invention stage where the children use all the skills they have learnt over the last 3 weeks to write an independent piece. There is the freedom to draw upon their own ideas and experiences, or they can ‘hug closely’ to the shared text should they need to.