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Phonics for Parents -an introduction


Everything starts with reading and writing: 'Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling and has far reaching implications for life long confidence and well being. (Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practise of High quality Phonics)


Here at Shadsworth Infant School we follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme to help your child develop their phonics abilities. 


What is phonics?


Phonics is the link between letters and the sounds they make and is taught using a highly structured programme through which children are taught:

  1.  The relationship between letters and sounds
  2. To hear separate sounds in words (segmenting)
  3. To blend sounds together. (Oral blending)
  4. To recognise and read sets of tricky words that cannot be sounded out.
  5. To use all the above 1,2,3 skills to read and write words



Ideas to help at home:


  • Look for objects around the house that begin with the letter sound you are focusing on at home, for example 'g' for gate, goal, garage, garden, glasses, gloves, grandma etc..
  • Play I spy games using the letter sounds covered so far
  • Look for the letter in books, on posters at the supermarket, on car registration plates etc
  • Look for words with these letter sounds in them
  •  Use a set of magnetic letters on the fridge. Ask your child to find different sounds for you
  • Practise writing the letter
  •  Whose name in our family begins with this letter sound?