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Our Gingerbread Man Week... We are beginning to look at characters and stories starting with The Gingerbread Man. We used talk for writing to act out the story.

Learning Challenge... Funny Bones - we looked at our bones and we used art straws and paints to make a skeleton.

Learning Challenge... Shadows - we helped problem pup to investigate shadows.

In maths we are investigating our numbers through lots of different materials!

We have been learning lots of new sounds and learning how to build words. We love practicing our robot talk!

In our first week in reception we have been having lots of fun making new friends and chatting to our teachers. We have also enjoyed exploring our new classroom and learning each others names.

Welcome to reception. Children have settled in really well and are having lots of fun invesitgating and learning through play. Please keep checking this page to see what we get up to this year.

PSHE: Spartacus Workout - We have been talking about ways to keep fit and healthy. We discussed healthy food and had a very active workout. It was great fun.

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Pirate Maths: where is Captain Hook? Is he ... on, under, in, on top, next to, in front or behind .... his ship?

We love our Science days! Testing materials to help the pirates make a floating ship with waterproof materials. Double challenge.

Am I a Pirate: Pirate day ... X marks the spot!

Dance like a Pirate!

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The children had some fun time at the end of a busy day! Check out our moves!

I am a Pirate! Aaarrrrr!

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Tasting our magic pirate fruit grog! If the magic works you will turn into a pirate!

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As part of our Pirate Day we made Pirate fruit grog? The fizz added magic to the drink. If the magic worked ... we would turn into a real Pirate! "Aaarrrrrrr me hearties".

Who Lives in the Land of Make Believe? It's Olaf! We made Olaf marshmallows! Delicious!

Supertato to the rescue!


Supertato 1
Supertato 2
Supertato 3
Supertato 4

Autumn 1st half 2016: Who are you? Are you a Superhero?

"Doing the skeleton dance"

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As part of our 'Who are you' learning challenge we talked about the bones in our body and learned the skeleton dance? It was great fun.

You've got to have bones to hang your body on! Learning all about ourselves!

Welcome to the new school year and all of our new children.


This half term our learning challenge focus is:


'Who are you?'


We will be asking lots of questions and learning more about

each other and our families.



We had a lovely time chatting with you at our 'Meet the Teacher'

open evening on Thursday. If you were unable to attend please ask one of the reception staff for a copy of our Autumn 1 newsletter.

A copy is also attached below.



Autumn 1st half term: reception newsletter.

Reception curriculum overview 2016-2017.

FUN AT THE BEACH: Class RC had lots of fun on their school trip to the beach and park. The children said it was ''the best day ever''.


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Interview with the builders!

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Picnic time!

Fun on the slide!

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Look at me go!

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I can use my strength to get up the ramp!

We loved the swings!

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The water play was fantastic too!

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Tired out, ready for home!

Meet Bruce, George, Belle and Fluffy. Our chicks!

Meet Bruce, George, Belle and Fluffy. Our chicks! 1
Meet Bruce, George, Belle and Fluffy. Our chicks! 2

Chirpy fluffy Easter chicks!

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Our chicks are having lots of fun and have had lots of
visitors through school. They are getting bigger every day.🐣

Maths through Science: We carried out a super investigation where we tested how different toy cars would move across various materials on our ramps. We estimated the cars that would travel the furthest distance and those that would travel the shortest distance. We also discussed why some cars traveled further and easier on different ramps. Some cars had lines on the wheels and some of the ramps had wool covering the surface. Aiden was our super investigator of the day. He said 'the car with the lines will travel slower because the wool from the ramp will get stuck in the wheels and slow it down.'' He was right! Clever boy!

We worked together to make a friendship poster for Friendship Week. We had lots of nice things to say about each other.

We worked together to make a friendship poster for Friendship Week. We had lots of nice things to say about each other.  1

We love our new Mud Kitchen: thank you Mr Lord.

Fun in P.E. We have been learning The Penguin Dance with Miss Boyle.

Children in Need: We had lots of fun.

We are talking a lot about story and film characters in class. The children used material to make their own costumes. Here is Elsa from Frozen.

Fun with numbers.

Am I an Astronaut? Making rockets and moon rocks with Sparkly play-dough.

Am I an Astronaut? Making a rocket to fly to the moon.

Am I a Prince or Princess? Building a castle using large foam blocks.

Learning challenge - Am I a Pirate? We had lots of fun learning pirate songs.

Autumn 1st half reception homework.

Who am I? Making our house.

Curriculum Overview 2015-2016

Our Learning Journey for 2015-2016

Welcome to Reception class. 


Autumn 1st half : Learning Challenge focus - Who am I?





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