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Class 7

Picture 1 Role Play
Picture 2 Celebrating our work with Mrs Booth
Picture 3 Clever Fingers
Picture 4 Continuous Provision, Small World
Picture 5 Number Work
Picture 6 Outside Provision, Making Music
Picture 7 Origami
Picture 8 Sharing And Taking Turns
Picture 9 Role Play
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 3D Shapes, A Cuboid
Picture 13 Continuous Provision
Picture 14 Outside Continuous Provision
Picture 15 Number Work
Picture 16 Number Work
Picture 17 Continuous Provision
Picture 18 Pancake Tasting On Shrove Tuesday
Picture 19 Tasting Noodles On Chinese New Year
Picture 20 Listening To A Story
Picture 21 Money Work
Picture 22 Design Technology
Picture 23 I Am A Robot
Picture 24 A Motorbike Using Lacy
Picture 25 Independent Number Work
Picture 26 Design Technology A Pet Carrier Together
Picture 27 Music Explorers Club
Picture 28 Brotherly Love
Picture 29 Comparing Old And New Toys