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Governing Board

Role of the Governing Board
The Government's requirement for all Governing Boards states 3 core functions and they are;
Setting Strategic Direction;   
Clarity of Vision and Ethos                         
Engaging Stakeholders                   


Meeting statutory duties

Creating Robust Accountability; 
Accountability for teaching, achievement,
Behaviour and Safety
Strengthening school leadership
Performance management of the headteacher
Contributing to school self evaluation
Ensuring Financial Probity;            
Solvency and effective financial management
Use of pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning



Shadsworth Infant Governing Board Structure 

Governing Board Structure

Our Chair of Governors, Mrs Kim Stinson can be contacted at Shadsworth Infant School;

The Governing Board was reconstituted in September 2014 and is now made up of the following Governors,


Parent Governor = 4

Staff Governor  = 1

Local Authority Governor = 1

Co-opted Governor = 8

Head teacher  = 1

Total = 15


The full Governing Board meets once per term and Governors also meet as committees to consider various aspects of the school in detail.




Jackie Gallagher - Chair

Alan Upton

Roger Masters

Kim Stinson

Kirsty Stevens 


Health, Safety & Premises  

Chris Mooney - Chair

Craig Longworth

Jackie Gallagher

Roger Masters

Kim Stinson



Kim Stinson - Chair

Roger Masters

Jackie Gallagher

Penny Barnes

Rosie Brunt

Laura Brown


There are also committees that meet, if required, to consider pupil discipline, staffing appeal issues, admission to school and staffing appeals and complaints


Register of Interest 2023

Governor Attendance 2022-23

Governing Board Resignations