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At Shadsworth Infant School we aim to provide our pupils with a high quality music curriculum, to engage and inspire children whilst encouraging and allowing them to be creative. Our children have a real love for music and we are committed to incorporating this into as much of our curriculum as we feel possible. Children are offered a wide range of musical experiences and we continually try to weave music into our daily routines, lessons and extracurricular activities.


Children are provided with the opportunity to use their voices expressively, singing, chanting and rhyming through discreet lessons but also through a number of other subjects in all year groups. Children have the opportunity to play tuned and untuned instruments through specialist LA teacher and also during weekly lessons in class.


The Original Music scheme designed by the Music specialist team at Charanga, provides all of our EYFS children the opportunity to listen to a variety of live and recorded music and experiment with their own musical ideas. The Modern Music Curriculum ((MMC)  Charanga scheme for KS1 also provides all of our children the opportunity to engage with an even broader spectrum of modern, classical, rap, pop and country music. They will get opportunity to compose, sing, perform and evaluate many areas of music whilst being exposed to several musical instruments that they can play. 



Music at Shadsworth Infant School is assessed using the following;

  •  informal judgements by staff during lessons
  • immediate next steps provided via verbal feedback
  • pupil and peer assessments
  • formal skills and assessment checklists


Come the end of each Music unit, teachers make a summary judgement about the work each pupil has completed in relation to the success criteria. The Music subject leader monitors class assessment and analyses data on a termly basis.