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Our history curriculum enables our children to develop an understanding and perspective of the past whilst having a simple understanding of chronology. Through real-life experiences, exploration of artefacts and learning about the past through topics, learners will be able to recall and discuss facts about historic events, places and people. Our children are encouraged to ask enquiring questions, weigh up information and draw informed conclusions about the past. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity about the past through creative lessons, visitors and educational trips.





History at Shadsworth Infant School is assessed using the following;


  • Observation during lessons
  • Oral responses to questions
  • Marking of recorded work
  • Pupil and peer assessments
  • Pre and post assessment quizzes/ tasks.



At the end of each history unit/ topic, teachers make a summary judgement about the work each pupil has completed in relation to the success criteria. The class teacher inputs their judgement onto Insight assessing each child as either; below, just below, expected or greater depth.



The history subject leader monitors and analyses assessment on a termly basis.