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Get Set For Gaming


Arguably, gaming now plays one of the most important parts of our children's lives. With 81% of children aged 0-17 now playing online games, it essential that we understand how we can help them to play safely. Many of our children enjoy playing games online which often involve socialising with others. In the main this is very enjoyable but there can be some issues. 


Playing games that are unsuitable can be a problem as this results in children using inappropriate language and playing games that have inappropriate content.


There is specific age and game related advice below to help you through this vast minefield of do's and don'ts.


However, the best advice is to use a common sense approach. 

  • Check a game's age rating - It is visible on all boxes and digital downloads. Those are there to give a clear indication of the suitability of a game's content.
  • Read reviews of the game online - Research the game before buying or downloading. If buying off an 'App Store' read reviews if they are available or speak to friends and see if they have any background info on the game.
  • Keep an eye on them whilst playing - Now, whilst we are not recommending watching every Minecraft level, or Fortnite mission, it is recommended that you occasionally either watch them play or play alongside them.  This can give you a first hand insight into the content of the games. 
Gaming Advice based on Age

Specific Game Advice