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At Shadsworth Infant School we teach our geography curriculum through topics aimed at inspiring curiosity about the world we live in and our place within it. Children learn about their local environment as well as the wider world. They develop geographical knowledge, enquiry skills and learn how to use a range of tools such as maps, atlases and globes. Children learn to recognise the human and physical features that are unique to a place, country or continent. Additionally, we encourage our pupils to enjoy, value and respect their local environment and consider their impact on the planet.


At Shadsworth Infant School we aim to deliver a geography curriculum that is progressive throughout school and builds upon previous knowledge so that connections can be made. Geography is taught every term, focusing on the knowledge and skills set out in the National Curriculum. Geography is given the same importance as all other subjects. Skills are taught progressively and regularly, allowing them to become embedded in the long-term memory of the children. The local area has a wide variety of human and physical features, which some children have not experienced before they start school, therefore we plan fieldwork and educational visits to enrich learning and provide first hand experiences.


Geography at Shadsworth Infant School is assessed using the following;

  •  informal judgements by staff during lessons
  • pupil and peer assessments
  • end of topic quiz/ challenge 
  • formal skills and assessment checklists


Come the end of each geography unit/ topic, teachers make a summary judgement about the work each pupil has completed in relation to the success criteria. The geography subject leader monitors class assessment and analyses data on a termly basis.